• Georgi Taylor Wills as Christine
  • Mike Stewie as Fluffy
  • Anna Dushenkina as Christine's Voice

Crew and Creative

  • Director/Producer: Max Aaron
  • Cinematographer, Writer and Production Design:
    Anna Dushenkina
  • Composer: May McDonough
  • SFX Makeup: Lisa P.
  • Gaffer: Jonny Melamet

Max Aaron

A London based filmmaker specializing in Dreams, Legends and Nightmare Fuel. His mission is to entertain while promoting themes of empathy.

A graduate of MetFilm School in 2015, Max has gone on to direct multiple films and established his personal production banner Dreamology Pictures to develop cross-genre Adventure and Horror, all with a uniquely charming and whimsical stamp.

Max’s upcoming film is STALLED – a "fun" and gripping noir/survival thriller.

Anna Dushenkina

A multi-talented artist specializing in cinematography and production design. She graduated from MetFilm School with Max in 2015 and has worked on numerous short films. Well versed in Horror, Gothic Romance, Fantasy and Adventure, she has a real knack for crafting fantastical story worlds and characters.

Online Official Selection: Lift-Off Global Network Genre Labs 2020 Official Selection: Metro Film & TV Awards 2020 Award Winner: Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 2021 Official Selection: Haunted House FearFest 2021